Work for BMW.

The new all-electric BMW iX1 in Frozen Pure Grey.

We shot the cool iX in the Alps and in Munich. A start of a new era.

Phoenix and Scottsdale are great places for mid-century modern architecture and scenic mountain roads. A cool environment for the new X5 M.

A very nice sunday morning cruise .

In New York, we photographed the new X3 M Competition for BMW M – a BMW X3 which combines the spirit of adventure of the X models with the sporty look & feel of BMW M vehicles. We staged the sportiest X3 in Brooklyn, New York City and New Jersey. The locations are the sites where one my favorite movie classic ‘French Connection’ with Gene Hackmann was filmed. Particularly Brooklyn, with its railway lines and bridges, served as the ideal background for the X3 M. We grabbed a coffee at Café Roma in Little Italy – an institution in New York which also appeared in ‘French Connection’.

Early bird on Pacific Coast Highway. A great morning cruise in the BMW M2 down from Monterey on dreamroad PCH.

The M2 Competition is always fantastic: in the studio and on trac.

© Copyright Wolfgang Groeger-Meier

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