Some fantastic classic cars. Commissioned work for magazines and personal photos.

In an italian winery I discovered this nice location. I took the Porsche for a roadtrip in northern Italy on Mille Miglia roads. Discover the travelblog and the book about this roadtrip:

“La pùi bella macchina del mondo” my neighbours said. My Lancia Flaminia Touring Coupé is a fantastic car for a journey to the lakes in northern Italy. Fast and always elegant.

Shooting my friends Miura on Grimsel- and Sustenpass in the Swiss Alps was a dream. I can still hear the sound of the Miura climbing up the mountain roads.

A fine roadtrip in a Lamborghini Jarama from Roma to Firenze during Covid 19. Published in auto, motor und sport. Editor: Heinrich Lingner

We took the beautiful Ferrari 250 GT Lusso for a ride from Maranello up to Serramazzoni. Ferraris classic test drive route. Published in Auto Zeitung. Editor: Martin Urbanke.

Hiroaki Shinomiya owns one of the around 500 remaining 1989 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R on Japan’s streets. The landscape designer is as passionate about his GT-R as he is about creating and caring for traditional Japanese gardens.

When we caught up with Shinomiya at his mechanic’s workshop on the outskirts of Tokyo, he was obviously between jobs. Dressed in his traditional Japanese gardener’s outfit – that seems inspired by Ninja – and grippy ‘jika-tabi’ shoes, he had the airs of a man who had found enlightenment. Designing garden scapes and tending to flora each day combined with the obvious contentment at owning a legendary GT-R gave him a peace and calmness we rarely find in interviewees. Published in Motor Trend. Editor: Peter Lyon

The red BMW 507 is a legend. Designer Albrecht Graf Goertz has his origins in Brunkensen near Bundesstrasse 3. Published in Auto Zeitung. Editor: Johannes Riegsinger

Located in the south of Paris the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry was a perfect scenery to shoot the 1965 Peugeot 404 Record. Claude Lelouche used Montlhéry racetrac for some scenes of his movie ‘Un homme et une femme’.

Herwig Roitmayer was always a great Porsche enthusiast and a perfect technician. He is still one of the fastest in his 2.8 RSR at the Alpenpokal.

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