Some souvenir photos from travels and roadtrips around the world.

Sitting in famous Hotel Villa d´Este garden you smell the clear and fresh mountain water. The coolest way for a cruise on Lake Como is probably the red Amphicar.

A few minutes after I took this photo a heavy thunderstorm stopped our shooting on smal roads in Tuskany.

Soglio is a beautiful hidden place in Switzerland with a fantastic hotel, built in 1630. Rainer Maria Rilke enjoyed one summer season in peaceful Soglio.

Time for a glas of wine in Frank Gehry´s stunning Marqués de Riscal Hotel in Rioja’s Álava province.

Roadtripping in Japan is always a pleasure. I enjoy the he discovery of small places and local restaurants. Having the view of majestic Mount Fuji is the best.

Seen from far, even a big car looks like a toy in endless Sahara desert.

Very cool having a sundowner with friends on Rio´s famous Copacobana beach. Talking, watching people, enjoying life.

Like in a fairy tale I heard a flutist in the distance when I got up early to capture Udaipur City Palace in the first morning light. At this time the other guests of Lake Palace Hotel where still sleeping. Mick Jagger was one of them.

The 18th century palace, now the Devigarh Hotel is an oasis in Indian Aravali Hills

Early bird on of my favorite roads: highway one. Driving southbound down from Carmel-by-the-Sea to Big Sur.

Overlooking the vibrant city of Riyadh before leaving for dinner. Next to our table in the restaurant was a group of 14 princesses. Every man at our table was nervous.

Finally on the way back home to Paris on French Route Nationale 7.

© Copyright Wolfgang Groeger-Meier

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